Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ladies and gentlemen, i give you...arizona. now with more scorpions

last night.

cleaning up the coffeepot (yeah i makes me own coffee. what of it?). anyway 5 dollar johnny saunters in to clean his dishes. well, his mug really. most people that don't live in the office don't do much more than use a mug and eat take out.

"hey bastard, what's new?"

"nuttin much just trying to tie up all my loose ends so i can get on a plane to arizona"

"going out to see the boy?"

"we're going trick or treating."

"what's he going as?"

"he's going as luke skywalker. he demands i go as darth vader"

"cool, bring me back some candy"

"sure, it'll be special desert candy"

"cool it'll be nice and dry"

"and full of scorpions"

"special arizona desert candy...now with more scorpions"

sometimes, you just can't make this shit up. plane boards in an hour, and the bastard is behind in his drinking. i'd put art up but, it seems the network at the airport just doesn't allow for that kind of action today. i'll bring it when i get into the desert.

—the bastard

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