Monday, September 10, 2007



i think the bastard has hit his threshold for righteous indignation. generally i don't give a crap about this sort fo thing but, it's kind of become epidemic in the office. i clean my grief after lunch. mostly because it i didn't, i'd have food junk in my bag for the ride home but, i've noticed that on occasion that some folks who have dishes leave them overnight. but, this is ridiculous.

yeah, i left the note. i know what your saying, "why don't you just do it and be a good corporate citizen?" well mostly because it isn't my job but secondly, the bastard has been going through life believing that there are people that don't know how to function in a polite society and have no signs that they will have one of those "A HA" moments that they are doing something wrong until someone hits them in the nose with a newspaper and says "bad doggy".

i mean, what kind of person are you? who the fuck raised you? are you a man? are you a woman? doesn't matter because you're a slob. what kind of college dorm room do you live in ansd i totally weep for the significant other that has to deal with your kind of slobbery. hmmmm. do you have bugs in your home? or is the office just your toilet? these questions need to be answered. or maybe i just need to sleep it off.

—the bastard

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