Tuesday, October 02, 2007

...on the bush league

has the bastard gone on,

ad nauseam,

about the foibles at the office?

the bastard didn't think so.

anyway, since moving down here,

the server crashed two or three times,

the email goes down regularly and at least one laptop got stolen because there wasn't adequate locks to keep shit locked down but i digress.

today, we got the note at 5 minutes to 5 that we are starting wth new keycards for getting into our offices. so much to the front desk's surprise. 50 people show up looking for their key cards. the person who is running this clusterfuck of an office migration who we shall call "the cold wind of death" asks why everyone is standing around. someone snidely (not the bastard but he wishes he did) retorts that he was hoping to continue on with the privilege of working here.

the cold wind replies, "oh i didn't expect the email to get around so fast".

even though it was sent to everyone on both floors.

at the same time.

over email.

i didn't know if this was the bush league quote of the day or perhaps the ceo who we can call, say, george hamilton walked out of his meeting into this and asked what the lineup was about and followed this by asking to cut the line so he could get his keycard first.

bush league. straight up bush league. this has been a hell of a year

—the bastard

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mofo said...

i guess that good old series of tubes works faster then he thought