Tuesday, October 16, 2007

...on monday magic

the bastard isn't so much into the free advertising but, once in a while, he has to give some out. share the love so to speak.

what the hell am i saying?

share the love?
scratch that.

ok, it's like this. last week, jiffy pop, assistant photo editor of killing stuff monthly and son of the fine fine city of nawlins told us that his favorite taste of home was closing it's doors forever and he wanted us to get a piece of fried chicken and fried green tomatoes before jacques-imo's closes it's doors forever thus making convenient and tasty cajun goodness is lost to mister and missus jiffy pop forever. or until someone else has the bright idea to open up a cajun/creole eatery in the upper west side.

so, we went.

had some drinks.

had some fried goodness.

and left hand rob might go back on wednesday to do it all over again. good thing the bastard has cajun eateries in his neck of the woods.

—the bastard

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