Monday, October 15, 2007

special monday revelations edition

so the bastard was walking down 2nd ave with his ladyfriend when we came across this scrawl in a phone booth. so i decided to let the big secret out.

that's right jerks bruce wayne is the goddam batman. yeah, i know, it's obvious unless you've been living under a rock all your life but, left hand rob and i have been making light of this series of batman and robin written by frank miller in which frank coins the term, "the goddam batman" which cause comic fanboys to go nuts claiming that batman would never say such things. so frank kept on using the phrase, ad nauseum. rob loves this so much that he uses a desktop picture depicting the goddam batman on one of his goddam rants.. and so it goes.

—the bastard

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Rob S. said...

I should mention that I got the goddamn Goddamn Batman wallpaper from, goddamn it!