Wednesday, October 10, 2007

...on risk 4

you know sometimes the bastard has to really hand it to rayne o'brian. he does it his way. he didn't have anyone to ride with, so he started a motorcycle gang. at his houe warming party a couple weeks ago he pointed me in the direction of motojesus. motojesus fixs old bikes. motojesus is a hipster. he runs a bike shop in billyburg and that's where the bastard's wheels currently reside.

last night i was supposed to get the bike back. i had no way of getting this home because, i can't find the paperwork. so i can't register my moto until i solve that problem. motojesus, offers to bring the bike to me and i appreciate that. motojesus solves problems. at 8:30 he calls to tell the bastard that while his boy says the bike was fine, he was not satisfied that the bike was in top notch (top notch) running condition so he's keeping it until the weekend. motojesus double checks shit. i like that. can't wait to get this frikkin bike on the road. i'm thinking it'll be registered by christmas time.

—the bastard

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