Thursday, October 11, 2007

i know we've been over this before but...

look people.

i know the bastard has been over this before.

but, seriously.

stop eating on the train.

no one needs to see your ugly mug chewing on your cud.

first thing in the morning. chomp chomp chomp chomp sloppin' away. it's disgusting and it totally detracts from my nap because once it starts, the bastard can't stop thinking about it.

now i know what your saying, "aw well then that's your problem then pal" but, well fuck you. it's your problem now if i boot up my waffles on your lap. and i assure you, it will be me getting out of my seat to boot up my waffles on your lap, not mine. the bastard likes to keep his clothes clean for at least a day or two.


in summation.

stop it.

besides, how can you eat considering they don't exactly wash these cars after every run and we've already been through what's wandering around these cars during the day.

—the bastard

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