Thursday, August 16, 2007

...on panic

...or was it pest control

you know,

the last 12-24 hours has made for a nice ride in/out for the bastard.

yesterday, i fell asleep in manhattan and woke up in jackson heights. it was sweet.

however, this morning while i was sleeping the sleep of the just, pandemonium broke out on the V train. as we pulled into the elmhurst station, people were running for the door. the girl with the new chuck closterman book who doesn't have the horse sense to NOT where rubber thong sandals with her battleship grey slacks runs for the door. (allthough in retrospect, it might have been her stop. why the hell would you take a job in elmhurst? i've driven through there. it doesn't look like fun) the indian girl next to her literally jumps out of her seat and onto the lap of someone 6 seats over. and the asian girl who is reading the bible sneaks into the empty seat which doesn't surprise me in the least part. after making this series of observations, the bastard sees what all the hub-bub is all about...a...really...big...ROACH!!!

now the bastard is going to be fair here. it was a pretty big bug. not quite horse sized but, it was definitely bigger than a bread basket. and it flew. and i tried to get back to sleep but the radius of personal space that this creature cut was fun to watch. wherever it went on the train, people were moving until an enterprising orthodox man killed it, scraped it off of his shoe and i resumed my nap. gotta love the early morning theatre.

—the bastard

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