Monday, November 19, 2007 to godliness


guy from big fishy magazine who look like he trying to look like ernest hemingway

i know that you folks aren't happy with your new set of neighbors here.

i mean hell, we can't miss the dirty looks.

but for christ sake hemingway.

when you finish taking a piss.

could you please,

wash your fucking hands.

i mean come on, you and mitchell leave your little area like 10-15 times a day to go smoke out on 32nd street and park so you must already have the brownest fingers in murray hill.

wash your hands.

i don't wanna talk to you either.

just wash your hands.

we have the running water.

use it.

soapy soapy.


dry. you see, no talking involved whatsoever.

just wash your hands. thanks.

—the bastard

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