Sunday, November 18, 2007

...on collisions

on the way home from dinner at my ladyfriends tonite, while taking the expressway, i almost got clipped.

now, i'll be fair.

i was stuffy.

my eyes were stinging from my ladyfriend's cat.

and the cab wouldn't let me get into the exit lane, so i invented an opportunity. then he proceeded to try and take my front end off. he then got back onto the expressway as i exited and i went on my way.

well he sure told me.

well medallion number 9099, i came this close to filing a complaint with the taxi limousine commision and then decided that while you were driving unsafely, i helped you along the way. however, the ting is, the bastard is a vindictive son of a bitch and it was only the pompous that i'm better than that.

and i'm better than you.

so i decided against it.

your welcome dick. and i can't wait until you have to choose between feeding your family that night or buying that gps system that your going to have shell out for one day soon which will make behavior like this so much easier to keep trck of. in fact i hope you choke on it big man.

—the bastard

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