Saturday, November 17, 2007

...on exposure

so about a month or three ago, the bastard had noticed on his morning news station that there were people singing, another day, there were these two guys rapping and playing violins.


i know.


the bastard doesn't really get it but, they don't pay me to do so. i get paid to make magazines. and to do the devil's work. but the news hasn't been the same since it began to be held accountable for it's own ratings by television stations. however this sort of thing is an interesting agreement one makes with fame (she's a bitch goddess you know). you agree to do a spot for a news station so that you can get more exposure but instead, you become the butt of jokes around the collective water coolers around town.

it seems that there is a wave of advertising these days to make the news more entertaining. case meet point.

this comes up periodically as the silliness that is new york 1 is a frequently discussed topic at the office. and speaking of new york 1, the p cat should love this. apparently gary anthony ramsay was fired by new york 1 for prank calling his own station. i saw him on the street once on my way to the train. he was a little guy. and he screwed up big. oh well.

—the bastard

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