Wednesday, December 19, 2007

...on departures...yet again

...special wartime dream sequence edition

so we have some more departures in the hallowed hall of our evil ant overlords.

wild turkey is leaving our little home at killing stuff monthly. he's heading back home. to the dirty souf. he'll be working with our recently departed kentucky gentleman. there have been a bunch of recent departures at the office. millhouse who used to be the editor of stealing shit and winning asmes magazine. he left for a magazine we will call "shooting shit in pretty surroundings". another guy that's leaving is the guy from men holding big fish magazine who looks like eric stoltz. he's going back south with millhouse.

now the commonality here is that all of these men came to new york. did their time up here. and now they go home. and the bastard thinks that's a good thing. you gotta live the dream when you can. and when you see a way to win, you grab it. i'll miss wild turkey. he was pretty goddam funny. put a great face on the sport and gave killing stuff monthly some great tales for the ages.

anyway wild turkey had a dream the other night, before giving his notice.

he's in the hallways, talking to eric stoltz about leaving and millhouse comes by and he's been long gone by now and turkey asks him what he's doing here.

"ahm jest here to pick up a few things that ah left"

someone from the office asks turkey how it's real interesting that "all you southern boys are leaving. first the kentucky gentleman leaves, then millhouse, then eric, then you wild turkey."

"are you kidding?", retorts wild turkey, "you thought we gave up on that war between the states? when i leave, that's when the air strikes start"

hell of a dream. apparently, the south will rise again and they will be sending airstrikes. waitaminute? the bastard had no idea the south had an air force. best keep your head down cowboy.

—the bastard

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