Friday, September 01, 2006

...on departures

i actually wanted to do this when scoop left a few weeks ago but i think i was in too shit of a mood at the time. you see there comes a time in everyones career where it's time to get the hell out and move on to another job. it isn't my time yet. the editor of "making guns look good" asked me to stay on for one more gun show when scoop gave her notice. she's going out to malibu, claifornia to work on to "how rich people can spend their money better" magazine. this comes as a complete bummer to me because scoop has been so integral to me not going nuts with my divorce. she's been a good friend and now she's heading west. good for her. bad for me. now i'll have to rely on gin to keep my head screwed on. not that i didn't rely on that anyway but, come on, the sentimentality is all there.

but, these things come in threes. prior to scoop filing, killing stuff monthly lost its own kentucky gentleman. the gentleman had the dry wit and the respect for the land and for the kill as any hunter i will ever know (and the bastard has met a few). but three was rounded out when susie kansas called it quits from killing stuff to go to "travelling for almost no money" magazine. she too will be sorely missed as she was a valued friend who has had her fill of this jib joint. i don't know if i ever properly thanked her for saving me from what could have been the saddest new years eve of my life, i should do that. as each person who i've know and valued over the time has left i find this place gets a little emptier and hollow to come to. during the separation i found that i liked nothing better than coming into this office because it was the only place that made sense to me. and it was the only place i felt truly comfortable in while i dealt with my problems. i've even slept on the floor in this dump and never slept sounder in the last 10 months anywhere else. now that's all gone. i think the bastard's time grows short here. one more gun show. one more dance. then that's it.

—the bastard

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