Thursday, December 13, 2007

...on gridlock

so the new york one tells the bastard that today is a gridlock alert day.

they tells me that you know, it's tourists and whatnot.

holiday shopping and shit.

they tells me that since this is the case, don't take the car jerkpiece, take mass transit.

the crying shame is, no one told mass transit about this condition.

this morning, after a brisk walk to the subway, the bastard was greeted by huge ass crowds on the platform. in my neck of the woods, that means trains are not running on time. the crowd was not having fun. train pulled in 5 minutes after i got there and since the bastard has made a practice of memorizing the exact spot where the doors stop on his little part of the platform, i no doubt did NOT make friends this morning as the last man there, first one in.

fuck you. three cheers for obsessive behavior.

a young russian couple rolled over my feet with a shopping cart full of crapstand tchotchkies. and they did not understand my incredulousness with them as they did it. the weird thing is, i've gone beyond getting angry at this sort of behavior because they have no impetus to be polite. their english os spotty at best and our russian is non existent. i mean aren't we as hosts and hell, as bankrollers of the people who come here supposed to learn their language?

but i digress.

all this crowding got me to thinking about the whole congestion pricing business that is going on here and it makes the bastard wonder, is the city going to even be able to improve mass transit after they set up the bureaucracy to manage congestion pricing? it makes about as much sense as giving each train line it's own manager. it smacks of making more bureaucrats to manage more bureaucracy. ida know, i just make gun magazines.

—the bastard

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