Thursday, January 31, 2008

... on paydirt

...fucking paydirt jerks! right out the BAG!

...or shot show mullets preview

so the bastard lucked out and didn't crash.

or was i unlucky?

so our fair president closed the airport up for a few minutes as he was flying out. apparently he heard that the circus circus has the loosest slots in town and all the free nitrus oxide you could POSSIBLY want.

but ho what do the roadie and i see.

but the best pre cursor to my week long mullet hunt.

and it was gold my lovelys. fucking GOLD. the bastard thought to himself that things were looking up. more to come. this show hasn't even started yet.

—the bastard


tw said...

a mullet with chronic high waist. you wonder sometimes if people have mirrors, or self esteem

bastard central said...

he also has fashioned it into a highly effective afro

Rob S. said...

Loosest craps in town!

bastard central said...

yeah it izzzzzzzz