Monday, January 28, 2008

today in bobble history

10:00 walking in late with the president of the company at his tail, look of disguist on his face... Mummering to himself, is it only Monday? How will i make it thru the week without suicide?

chairman (1:33:05 PM): sorry

chairman (1:33:14 PM): its real bad

bobble (1:38:24 PM): i know chairman

bobble (1:38:26 PM): its very bad

bobble (2:14:56 PM): is it ok to go to a broadway show on mon night w sales monkey from mmg?

bobble (4:20:12 PM): very weak right now

bobble (4:28:17 PM): fuck chairman

bobble (4:28:20 PM): u know fuck

so there you have it. a day in the life of bobble.

—the bastard

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