Friday, February 08, 2008

...on heights

"so is there anything else you need this afternoon?"

"i need a good crowd shot for page one."

"i also need it to look better than last year's."
"not to be cheesy but, i need you t reinvent the wheel on crowd shots."

"hmmmmmm....ahmmm...hrm...i'll see what i can do."

convention photography is by and large the same schlock every year. lots of people walking around with bags full of press kits and fanny packs. samr shit, different year. but the bastard has faith in justice (photo editor: killing stuff monthly).

now the bastard doesn't remember who came up with the idea. it was either justice or sara voids but, there was this large catwalk like ramp that a glove comapny was using to demonstrate it's heat resistant abilities. guys who worked for the glove compnay would grab the rope at the end, and then slide down with these gloves on their hands. now either sara or justice decided to do the crowd shot from the top of this catwalk.

i thought it was a good move.

wish i thought of it.

so at the end of all of this, we got a free show, and justice got me my goddam crowd shot. nice and smooth...ish

—the bastard

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