Friday, February 08, 2008

more pictures than words...

shot show this year has shown the bastard that the mullet is starting to go the way of the dodo. so rather than have reams and reams and virtual reams of mullet pics, we only have a few.

some rockstar hair was on the ground for this year. this guy apparently is on the phone with his agent. getiing ready to reunite spinal tap.

there was alot of this. dumpy guys with bandanas on. got this during set up.

doctor dre pointed this guy out to us. because of the new no smoking regulations in las vegas, you can no longer smoke in this already smokey smelling convention center. this guy worked with this unlit cigarrete in his mouth for almost two hours.

the chairman sent me this on his way to the giants parade. so we have soem good old fashioned new york hockey hair.

the bastard can't tell if this is a mullet or not but, it was shot on the escalator, while i was behind him. so it's part of my series of covert mullet hunting.

—the bastard

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