Monday, February 11, 2008

...on magic

so rob talked the bastard into taking in a show.

normally, the bastard doesn't take in shows while in vegas.

he gambles.

and raises hell.

and spits fire.

and farts ambrosia.

but we took in the penn and teller show. i have to give it up, that while, penn and teller show you how each trick is done, it makes the idea of sleight of hand seem just THAT MUCH more magical.

it's kind of like when i used sleight of hand to beat you up for your lunch money.

no....not really.

it's kind of like that sharp pointed feeling you get between your second and third ribs when i stuck that shiv into you.

no....not really but, you get the idea.

anyway, at the end of the show, p&t do a little meet and greet in which you find out that not only does teller speak, he speaks english. but, i had to talk to penn. i had to tell him that i missed hearing him on the radio.

first off, he is a goddam huge human being. and shaking hand with him is like shaking hands with a giant.

"excellent show"

"thanks" (eyes roll; can't help it, he probably hears that shit all the time, 365 days a year)

"penn, i miss hearing you on the radio"

"don't worry pal, i have something coming up soon"

"really? cool. i always enjoyed the way you said honky tonk badonkadonk"

and then penn, with the voice of someone who could totally be president if the south was ready to accept a atheist juggler into the white house smiled, and said, as if he would say, "my fellow americans",

he says,

"honky tonk......badonkadonk"

yeah. that big bastard never disappoints. made my week.

—the bastard


Anonymous said...

i missed a magic show too. fuuuuuuucking uscg.

My bad i love the uscg they send me to key west.

Still missed the magic though.

Rob S. said...

And you missed the honytonk badonkadonk, airplanes.

Anonymous said...

damm the honytonk badonkadonk. maybe next year.