Friday, February 15, 2008

the gift

every year, we have a new goofball to obsess on.

whether it's some character with a loch ness mullet and a foreigner t-shirt.

or some knife booth girl from the ukraine who waves back to us when we wave to her (and then jonny airplanes walks down onto the floor ands brings her up to the press suite for a beer).

or maybe it was our company's former rainmaker who keeps giving us the finger in passing in and out of the fray.

but this guy was our man this year.

our frequent flyer.

our go to weirdo. the man we followed.

sara voids found him independant of us and snapped away.

everyday, he wore a different variation of his acapulco shirt/and knee socks.

his kitch was a dream come true.

on day four, the editor had gotten into the game. he likes our little mullet hunt.

he gets the joke.

i get a text message from him.

"our guy is by the glock booth, in a robe and slippers"

and lo and behold, there he was. goddam classic

he was like the gift that kept on giving.

the stuff that makes the gun show worthwhile.

until next time.

when we return to florida.

—the bastard


jonny airplanes said...

found pass

bastard central said...

but it won't work in 2008

or 2009 for that matter

jonny airplanes said...

But do I have to change it? You know how long it took for me to get a nickname, let alone remember the password. Does Jonny Keys sound better, or do I go with the sailor formally known as jonny airplanes? On a topic related to your post about jack boots. I was in the Atlanta airport on a 4+ hour layover looking for a bar before I went on to Miami. Turns out was boats show weekend (in Miami). All the stools are up on the 2 bars. So I head into the big one to ask when they open (it’s about 1130) and this girl (very attractive) beat me to the guy. I hear 30, but miss first part so I says to girl “excuse me but did he say 1230” girl replies “no 0230, can you believe that? What am I to do” so I says “we can sit here and talk” crap it worked. Turns out she model from boat show.

bastard central said...

oh i misunderstood

i thought you meant your press pass

carry on