Sunday, February 17, 2008

...on stations

...and superstitions

"i took a picture of you guys at the craps table."

"rilly?, i have to see."

"wow, that's a good shot"

"are you wearing your trenchcoat?"



"i didn't want to disrupt my system. i was in my mode"

"are you serious?"

"sure. part of the fun of playing craps is pretending to have superstitions. that's why rob and i stay on opposite sides of the croupier. it's part of the fun. although i used to be more superstitious."

"how so?"

"after he passed away, i used to keep my father in law's mass card in my suit when i gambled. he was a big gambler and i thought it would bring me luck. i don't know if it did but, i haven't been able to find it."

yes, the bastard really did. but then again, i never knew if bob was lucky at gambling, he did get comped alot. but i think he had other games that he played. i think he liked roulette.

—the bastard

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