Sunday, March 09, 2008

get happy, stupid

walk into the stop and shop.

the chairman asked me to pick up some chop meat for meatballs as he is making sauce tonight.

but, first, coffee.

and they have it in house.

"can i have a big/medium/grande/motherfucking coffee please."

he hooks it up and asks, "can i get you anything else?"

"no wait. i'll take a million dollars"

"we could all use a million dollars."

"from your mouth to god's ears."

his girlfriend pipes up, "what would be the first thing you do, when you get a million dollars?"

the bastard thins for a sec.

"you know, i was looking at apartments with my girlfriend this afternoon, and i saw this fantastic apartment designed by phillippe starck, and i would just drop the money on that."

"no you wouldn't. you'd get happy first."

then the bastard thought for a sec. and it made sense. you're right, i would.

—the bastard

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jonny airplanes said...

So you and the old lady lookin to move in together? I is underway, otherwise I would call.