Friday, March 28, 2008

...on the subconscious

the bastard doesn't understand.

i keep having these reoccuring dreams.

they take place usually in and around the neighborhood. and i don't recall the overall storyline in the dream. it's not like the rat dream s i used to have but, i never really talked about them much (it's kind of a long story).

anyway, the only thing i can recall when i wake up is:

somehow, the black guy from night court keeps showing up. not bull or harry anderson but, the black guy.

hell i didn't even like watching the show. when it was in syndication, the mofo (rest in piece) would want to watch it and i kind of didn't want to. which was not to say that i never watched but, i never really watched it willingly. i thought the bull character was unfunny, marky post had the worst 80's hair and harry anderson was not just awful, he was god awful.

anyway, the bastard clearly doesn't understand why the black guy from night court? why not the black guy from sliders? i actually watched that show when it aired on regular tv as well as syndicated on the scifi channel. the bastard just doesn't get it. stupid brain, pick better reoccuring subconscious cast members. dammit!

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

He's the court clerk, man. He helps you organize your docket. Follow his advice, and you'll have much more organized dreaming.

bastard central said...

quote like the rats i used to have dreams about, i just want him to stop haunting the coffee shops in my mind


Rob S. said...

He got rid of the rats. Mac is the pied piper. If he goes, the rats will come back.

But he might drown children, which could be problematic.

Chairman said...

Bastard - think on the bright side, at least you're not having dreams about Danny Bonaduce

bastard central said...

A: mac did not get rid of the rats.

B: chairman, is the something you wanna tell me?

Anonymous said...

Dance, sukka.