Thursday, March 27, 2008

...on the flying experience

so there are a few things, the bastard has noticed about travelling these days.

wait let me back up for a sec: i have this uncle who lives in california. let's call him grizzly adams. he works for a major air carrier that has a hub out there. and part of the trappings of working for a major air carrier is your family's ability to fly for free. well not free. but for tax. no wait. employees families do fly for free but buddy passes are where you pay the tax. anyway, grizzly's family used to fly for free. now, notsomuch. it's kind of like how after you get out of school, you no longer have their medical benefits. which is pretty much why the accountant is the only one of my cousins from cali that can come out on a regular basis but her company pays for that crap. but i digress, grizz, would make them dress up for the flight as they are technically representing the company every time they fly for free.

but back to my point: there are a few things, the bastard has noticed about travelling these days. people dress like slobs.

well, not everyone. i mean sometimes you can be a little overdressed for some occasions.

but then again, i think it was toht that remarked that americans are always overdressed for the wrong occasions. but i think ithe opposite has become the standard. behold, y'all:

i mean come on! what the hell is this? people are in the airport in broad daylight in their hoodies and their pajama pants. and, well i've already commented on this guys frikkin' birkenstocks. i mean i know that white folks like to wear things that will help them will summer to happen sooner but come on! there is appropriate footwear and there is NOT appropriate.

what the bastard is saying is, he should never feel like the best dressed guy in the airport.

—the bastard

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