Tuesday, March 25, 2008


got off the plane at 6:30 am.

didn't sleep a wink.

hungry enough to kill and eat the cab driver who i was stuck with on the fucking van wyck for an hour.

hell, i could dig up robert moses' corpse and eat IT if it was time efficient enough.

but it ain't.

so upon getting home, the bastard has breakfast, then goes to bed.

an hour later, left hand rob calls up to tell me that somethings wrong with the cover. now, my head hurts. problem gets solved and it's back to bed.

got up at 4pm.

got to bed at 2am after a bout of the devils work.

my life hurts.

so that said, i have more to say about my travels but, it's going to come later. much later when my head isn't covered in the fog of exhaustion.

—the bastard

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