Tuesday, March 18, 2008

...on sucking it in

a good nights's sleep has all sorts of stupid side effects on one.

you're more on point.

dodges this jerk.

dodge that jerk.

nice shoes.

holy CRAP! that is a sweet looking motorcycle. i have GOT to get me one of those. he's so tall, he looks like he's riding some kind of motor powered kids bike.

anyway, you jerks get the point.

get in the building and the elevator opens up magically for the bastard.

it's nice to have magical powers.

you should get some.

anyway, some character gets on with the rest of the rubes. and he's in the doorway, and not getting off on my floor so , you know how this is supposed to end.

anyway, his headphones give away that he is listening to some kind of rap music that sounds like jah rule or busta rhymes and the bastard thinks to himself, "white people sure do know how to keep has been hip hop artists in business". hell, i do my part every time in listen to
"it takes a nation of millions to hold us back". i'm sure flavor flav loves it when he can fill his crack pipe with residuals.

but i digress. , it's my floor and fat boy is in the way so he sucks it in. which is a half assed way of getting out of the way of people. god forbid, you step aside. i mean hell, the elevator might leave without you. and as i scrape past his gut, i turn to him and say, "you ain't that skinny pal", and i'm off to the office. he said something in response but who cares what he said, he had a green ipod mini with matching green earbuds abd according to borat, ipod mini is for girls so who cares what he say. not that the bastard really cares what a fictional asshole says about pop culture but, it seemed to fit at the time, so go to hell.

—the bastard

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