Monday, April 14, 2008

...on flag waving

...and cocking that up too.

the chairman has gone to san francisco on bidness.

the devil's bidness.

so since we have family in the golden state, he decided to make plans with the accountant.

in a nutshell, the chairman did a bunch of very san franciscan things.

golden gate bridge, chinatown for the closest one can authentic chinese food and be geographically close to china as well.

you know.

shit like that.

but in golden gate park, it went down like this, there was a free tibet demonstration in the park overlooking the bridge and people were waving the tibetan flag around. now the bastard does his part the only way he knows how.

the easy way.

i just don't buy nikes or drink bass ale. they

do business in china.

aren't i great?

anyway, this family is watching the protest. grandmother, mother, daughter.

the daughter asks her grandmother what is happening and the grandmother responded with, "i think they are waving their county's flag around. i think their from japan".

now maybe she hasn't read a newspaper since the pearl harbor bombing but the japanese flag no longer looks like the rising sun, it is a red circle on a white field while the tibetan flag looks like neither. this leads the bastard to believe one of two things. that the popular elitest belief that NOT watching television (because you know, tv is evil and all), may not be all it's cocked up to be. or that there are just some folks in the flyover states that just aren't paying attention to the world unless it's being discussed in a supermarket tabloid. the bastard hasn't figgered it out yet. but at least they don't leave me wanting for material.

—the bastard

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