Monday, April 21, 2008

...on multitasking

so the chairman and i went to grab a bite on friday night and we came across this couple who were apparently on a date.

we had a 15 minute wait for a table as all comers did on friday.

and from the onset, my observation that they were a very affectionate couple who were holding each other and that's always nice.

but upon closer examination, we realized that they were not looking into each other's eye but:

texting other people on their crackberries!

now to be fair, the bastard does a little texting (ok a bunch of texting) but, he tries to keep it out of the arena of restaurants most of the time.

i just found it funny that they were so close to each other but so very far away from each other because they were both looking over each other's shoulders, texting.

i guess it's a really efficient way to mix business and pleasure. romance is dead. long live romance

—the bastard

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