Saturday, April 12, 2008

...on vocabulary

...special weekend vermin edition

so this morning, the bastard was watching the new york one news.

and let me start off by telling you that there is a rat problem in harlem.

and of course, they ran it every hour right after the rail and road report.

and then it hit me. it doesn't take much scholastically to be a manhattan state senator.

“Obviously the building is responsible for this garbage, and obviously they're not containerizing their garbage properly,”
—Democratic Manhattan State Senator Bill Perkins

is containerize even a word?

the bastard looks it up and much his surprise, it is. still and all, it sounds like a made up word. the bastard wishes he could show you the video footage so that you can really see the way it's said (maybe i'm just down on politicians these days). but i'm sure it'll be run on ny1 all weekend, so look for it.

so we'll have to settle for this video footage:

because sometimes, you have to sit through uncle junior singing about a news network once in a while.

—the bastard

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