Tuesday, July 29, 2008

...on snapshots

so in a nutshell, the bastard went to a wedding on the north shore of long island with my ladyfriend. and the bastard almost got swept away (see the giancarlo giannini version, not the crap madonna version) across the greater peconic bay in a kayak,

we met up with the boy at the wedding, and then we took two ferrys across shelter island to avoid 90 minutes of driving (which i highly recommend to get from one shore to the other during the summer. crack open your wallet you cheap bastard and avoid pretencious dicks coming from the hamptons),

to get to montauk where we spent alot of time at the beach, and had alot of fun, and went to a lighthouse, and bought some comfortable shoes,

and saw some sights,

and then the boy's mother came to pick him up,

and then the boy went home,

and i couldn't be more unhappy. but now i'm back. so go to hell.

—the bastard

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