Wednesday, July 30, 2008

dear mta...

i know we've had this little chat before but,

why you gotta suck so much?

i mean seriously, why you gotta suck so much?



why you gotta suck so much?

this is twice in as many days that the people sweating on the platform are waiting to get their 2 dollars worth of shit transportation (in the bastard's case, 4. you know, round trip and all. i'm predicting the ride home to suck at this point) but can't you like,

ida know..
send some trains our way out here in the outer boroughs?

so we can like...

get to work and shit?

i mean i know that you poor excuse for an accounting department wants to raise fares because the mta just can't seem to get their shit together but, messing up service to "prove" that we need a fare hike but, this is only proving that you collectively throw your sabots into the machinery (you like that one don'tcha) time and time again in order to convince us that service will get better.

and it doesn't.


so please quit fucking around. the rest of us get paid when we work in this town, and we get fired if we don't. unfortunately, union workers seems to be able to elude this hard and fast rule on productivity. but that's another long winded diatribe for another time.

time to fix the motorcycle and leave all this transit bullshit behind.

—the bastard

PS: because i am a bastard, call the train line's superintendents and bitch about it.

V line: 718-334-8491
E line: 718-334-7692
R line: 718-334-8190

i won't bother with the manhattan lines. shit seems to run a little more timely for the chosen ones —b


P-Cat said...

Thanks for the R Line phone number. I have a feeling i will be using that off of speeddial come soon.

bastard central said...

the bastard is down with sharing information in the interest of making people do their job