Saturday, August 02, 2008

...on private shows

so the chairman and i went to go see hellboy 2 tonight and the bastard thinks that we're coming to the end of the film's run. up unitil 5 minutes before the trailers started, we were the only people in the theatre. still and all, it was pretty good. not as good as the first one but, still fun enough to fill the time.

then again after seeing the dark knight earlier this week, all other superhero movies look like dogshit. guess the bastard will have to see the watchmen next year to see the paradigm shift once more.

—the bastard

off topic: we didn't get a picture of him because the bastard thinks he was a vampire but, some crazy old vampire was chillin' on the hood of his car, surfing the internet on his laptop. fantastic.


The Mad Russian said...

I agree. Am driving cross country right now, but Dark Night was ridiculously better than H2

bastard central said...

gonna go see the land again?