Monday, August 18, 2008

...on geekdom

the bastard is such a fucking geek.

and a hypocrit too.

maybe just a little bit.

a little while ago, i was just picking on chicago jerkface's yen for playing axis and allies and he's looking for an online way of playing it. it's like this, every year, he goes back to the hinterland along the illinois/wisconsin border to get liquored up and play axis and allies with his brothers. so he's looking for a better way.

i roll in and watch him work and he complains about the internet in the office of late. the bastard concurs stating that he was looking on the i tunes store because he had heard that the bbc had released 14 classic episodes of doctor who on the i tunes store and how slow the online store is and then it hit me. man, i am such a geek. as a quick sidenote to the mofo, i couldn't find a decent image of jon pertwee throwing hands either so i had to settle for this one. there isn't alot of call for venusian aikido these days. still and all, i might break the budget and download some of this classic geekdom for my subway ride.

—the bastard


tim said...

yeah, i know, i couldn't find a good one either a few months back. Something must be done.

bastard central said...

i know.

maybe we need to bring him back from the dead to kick some ass