Tuesday, August 19, 2008

man, this is WHISKEY!

so i'm running late today.

mostly because i was delayed by my updating iphone.

what can the bastard say? sometimes we are beholden to our technology.

anyway, i decide that since it's gone up 10 degrees that the bus was the better option.

and folks mill on and i suddenly smell whiskey.

so the bastard starts looking around for some hung over old guy. someone who looks like he's been on a bender but, no luck.

but the smell won't go away and i realize it's the young couple next to me.


i'm only going to say this once. there is NO REASON for young people to smell like whiskey in the morning. it's just fucked up. what are you? the two most fashionably dressed hobos in new york? what the hell? it's just wrong. fucking dogs'll start playing poker and pigs'll fly! it'll be anarchy and whiskey smelling kids!

—the bastard

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