Thursday, August 21, 2008

...on the thunder

the bastard is soooooooooo tired.

went to the movies last night.

saw tropic thunder.

it was quite possibly, the funniest thing i've seen all summer. and not just because robert downey junior was playing an australian actor posing as a black man who doesn't get out of character until he does the dvd commentary. it's because ben stiller knows how to make a funny film. he single handedly did a better job of making fun of the movie industry, making fun of actors, making fun of the inner workings of the film industry better than all of those stupid epic movie, superhero movie, disaster movie parodies (that all overuse the typeface futura and the color red in their posters) that traditionally plague the summer box office. even the smallest part gets a good line.

also he pretty much saves tom cruise's career. the bastard has to say it was probably some of his finest work....EVER.

but here's the thing. because of the chairman's work schedule, we saw the late show. and i kept waking up all night for one reason or another. and while i didn't drink a drop last night, i feel hung over.

and i feel like crap. and i don't think coffee can save me now. time to die.

—the bastard


jonny airplanes said...

So am I to believe you liked the movie.

bastard central said...


i totally hated it