Tuesday, September 09, 2008

hoo boy, it ain't lookin so good

there's been a lot of inconvenient weather lately.

and by inconvenient, the bastard mean humid.

and by inconvient, the bastard also means that he has to go to the bike garage on odd days because it pissed out all weekend and it's going to piss out today and it's going to do so again this weekend. so instead, i couldn't get a ride to the ass end of brooklyn. couldn't get a cab (honestly, waiting an hour for a car service that's down the block from me), so it was the bus for me. and while it didn't take forever it sure did feel like it. and people sure do like to talk on the bus. but alls well that ends well.

first off, the bastard has to give big ups to the peeps in williamsburg. when i got off the L train (yes, there was a train involved) and didn't have my bearings, passers by were all good with the directions. it was mighty nice of them. a whole lot of traveling to get from one side of metropolitan avenue to the other. 20 minutes according to google maps takes over an hour by mass transit.

takes 30 minutes going back. whatcha want? tales of my tearing ass down a chewed up strectch of new york street after i hadn't been on a bike in over a year? no kids. all the bastard did was show the two guys fixing their lights in front of the garage how fucking awful i am at riding one of these things after a year.

long story short, i made it home. one piece. easy peezy. it's surprising how easily one remembers how to ride a motorcycle (just like riding a bike :-P). and metro isn't as chewed up as it looks. but then again, i'm sure the folks i was sharinf the road with didn't appreciate me doing 35 all the way back to queens. oh well. what doesn't kill you..........

looks like it's gonna rain. oh. wait, it is raining. thunder goes boom.

—the bastard

PS: and just so you know, the bastard is frikking trucked from the whole experience. adrenaline rush+zipping between two buses really takes it out of you.


jonny airplanes said...

Good work.

bastard central said...

took me long enough

The Chairman said...

You am the sweatiest man on wheels

bastard central said...

damn straight chaz