Friday, September 26, 2008

...on the scram

lately, the bastard has been wasting his time and energy in such a way that he hasn't really been viewing as a waste of his time and energy.

motorcycles are something i've been into since i first sat on uncle acid's honda and someone took a polaroid of it. i think there is a second pic floating around of the mofo sitting on the back of it. he might be wearing plaid pants. the bastard forgets. there were alot of plaid pants in the bastard's childhood.

but that has nothing to do with bikes.

but in the last couple of days, the scrambler i've been riding has had starting difficulties which i am struggling to overcome.

the good news is, the bastard has gotten better at kick starting a 30 year old motorcycle.

the bad news is, the bastard HAS to kickstart a 30 year old motorcycle.

but i won't be doing that this weekend. family party. gonna try and be all civilized for a change. perhaps i can parlay this into some kind of opportunity to hook the bike's battery up to a charger.


it's fucking raining out, i'm not exactly jonesing to go out with the road like that yet.

—the bastard


M.S. said...

Get out on those rain-slickened streets and grow a pair. You better affix a chain gun to that bike, too, before the zombie apocalypse comes.

bastard central said...

i', working on the chain gun but, it isn't sighting up properly.

maybe i'll test it in your neck of the woods