Saturday, September 27, 2008

...on the color of money

i heard this morning that paul newman had passed away.

i've seen him in a ton of things.

he never really got as much props as he should have.

i remember seeing him do a television version of bang the drum slowly a long time ago and he was phenomenal.

the bastard never liked his ceaser salad dressing but i liked his cookies.

he will be missed.

—the bastard


M.S. said...

Sad news.

He makes a mean lemonade.

tim said...

A student of human moves. There will never be another.

bastard central said...

i was listening to a news report on his death on the way to the anniversary party and when a reporter asked paul newman what advice he could give to today's modern actor, he responded with ,

"be as lucky as i have"

we all should have been this lucky in life