Thursday, October 09, 2008

...on the palm

you know sometimes you just have to go out for lunch.

not to the corner deli.

out for lunch.

sit down and have something nice.

and maybe a drink. like it's an episode of mad men.

this was chicago jerkface's idea, let's go to this place i had dinner at one night and get lunch.

solid plan.

solid lunch.

and the bastard got to try a new brand. sometimes you go by word of mouth when you wanna try something new. this time, the bastard went with something he's seen alot of print ads for.

and i have to tell you, this brew made the uncomfortable ride in the elevator worth the trip.

so did the hamburger served with a fried egg on top. deelish.

—the bastard


M.S. said...

More important is the bottled heaven sitting next to your Palm called Rochefort 8.

That's as close as it gets to drinking angels.

bastard central said...

i cannot disagree with you jerkface.

however i need to find it for cheaper

and the bastard loves drunken angels