Tuesday, October 07, 2008

there's no time

so the other day, i saw the trailer for the 24 movie that will be airing in november. and while it has robert carlyle in the cast (still rooting for him to replace david tennant should he give up the role of doctor who), it seems like a strange departure for jack bauer.

it's like this. i had read that because of the unpopularity of our protracted conflicts in the middle east, the producers felt that 24 needed to go with a new enemy and something something something. and in the movie, he's like saving kids in some african nation that is an amalgamation of sudan/liberia/rwanda/zimbabwe and any other nation that has gone to hell on that continent.

it's a decent jump off for next season but it seems very un-jack-like to have him saving a bus full of kids.

anyway, the bastard was sharing his thoughts on the trailer with left hand rob, and the bastard took some license. i told him the basic plot and

"i think that because of the iraq war, they want to soften up jack bauer a little. make him more liberal friendly."


"like i think in next season jack switches political parties and is chased by a bunch of republicans wearing sean hannity masks"

"as long as they cut off alan colmes hand in the process"

"i think that at some point jack will have alan colmes' hands zip tied to the steering wheel of his prius and jack will use bolt cutters to get information from him"

11:59:58 (boom)

11:59:59 (boom)

12:00:00 (boom)

—the bastard

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