Monday, November 03, 2008

what fresh hell...pt2

landed in salt lake.

well not IN the lake.

cause that would suck.

ball park frank was better but not by much.

some dick kept shoving his knees in my back.

I hope he gets kicked on the nuts someday soon.

hotlanta next. grief to follow.

—the bastard


Anonymous said...

No wonder you're in hell; the plane is upside down. Does that mean you're actually in heaven?

It kind of goes with how everything growing here will either poison you, or stick you with needles.

bastard central said...


it's all good in he hood. if the bastard couldn't complain about something, where the hell does all of this go from here?

upside down plane does not equal heaven, it equals the Bosch painting that is my life on the road.

Anonymous said...

Cool, Bosch! That's who I'll put up as my work wallpaper next. Durer just wasn't cutting it. Can I umlaut on this thing?

Glad the day is picking up! New info from Mr. Gilbert leads me to car all bettuh.

bastard central said...

the bastard knows that you cannot umlat because you do not has a mac.

dürer ( I just did that on my iPhone), is dynamic for his time. Bosch is postively horrific I'm comparison.

the bastard is glad that Gilbert can fix what is broken