Monday, November 03, 2008

what fresh hell... pt3

so the bastard has made it all the way to hotlanta.

I'm feeling the effects by now.

world weary traveler.

depressed, divorced father.

unbelievable bastard.

the bastard sits in a TGIFridays (yes TGIFridays; you wanna go to hell with that noise, dick!) and he's drinking a beer.

waiting for a burger.

hoping that the coming storm is one I can weather. fuck, I hate storms.

as much as I hate the apartment I'm going home to, I can't wait to put my head down.

-the bastard


P-Cat said...

Hang in there dude. Coffee is always there waiting for you.

Sorry to hear SD Jones died. I saw him wrestle in my local parish in Brooklyn when I was six years old. After he lost his match, he helped break down the ring.

bastard central said...

i keep finding myself thinking out loud

"why couldn't it be the junkyard dog?"