Tuesday, December 30, 2008


...and comparison

television is a fucking desert during the holidays.

so tonight, my ladyfriend and i watched sid and nancy on my ipod.

well, not on the little screen. I patched it to her laptop and watched it that way.

and I have to say, in retrospect to where i was then and where i am now, the bastard wasn't terribly impressed. i mean I saw the damn film like 20 times but, for some reason, it seemed full of cheap trickery and adolescent film devices. i was a little disappointed.

so then I got into bed and finished kill your boyfriend and i have to say, in context of where i am today and how the bastard came away from sid and nancy, i was floored.

read the damn afterwards.

and the bastard doesn't ever give a shit about what the author thinks about his own work...


but, it reeled me in. grant morrison broke alot of ground, and a bunch of taboos in this little one off. and it was so much more.

or maybe, the bastard wants to go on a murderous rampage through the English countryside.

-the bastard

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