Wednesday, December 24, 2008

...on slop

man, it's bad out today.

the bastard never likes it when it rains on christmas.

then again, at least i won't be driving in black ice today.

or some other crap.

anyway, it's off to the relatives this weekend. sometimes, depending on what the schedule is, this is the only time one gets to see their relatives.

whether they like it or not. me? i get to see my folks often enough.

spoke to my uncle last night. he's out of work. it's hard to talk to him because sometimes he's really far away figuratively speaking.

out of work too. but he quit smoking at least.

anyway, i did this last year.

told a tragic story about a guy who was dying but needed to feel alive (by the way photo is courtesy of larry lah).

and i figured that says it all.

and in many ways it does.

but this year has been bad for a alot of people in the bastard's life and i'm lucky enough to soldier on.

and for that, i'm glad.

merry christmas.

—the bastard

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