Tuesday, August 18, 2009

...on hunting

...and gathering

at some point in time, red beard talked me into this idea he had.

part of it involved hunting.

so when the hunter safety course was being offered for free in the office. the bastard was all upons.

did the bastard mention it was free?

you see,

it's like this.

i figured out after the prince of sales gave left hand rob and i a big assed bag of frozen caribou steaks (which were pretty goddam good by the way), the bastard thought, hell, knew, that he would have to give back to the karmic till.

so it was to be done.

anyways, two very generous guys showed up and told the bastard all sorts of shit about how to politely ask a guy if you can hunt on his land. and how you can eat muskrat and it's tasty and all but, it'll give you some diarrhea which sort of defeats the purpose of eating muskrat quite frankly.

day two had us meeting in the baby magazines area. when you need a conference for a full day, you can't be a chooser. it did make for good times when we did firearms safety training with inert firearms that were still nonetheless...firearms.
the bastard is sure that it made for interesting lunchtime talk for the baby mag people.

long story long, i passed the course. hunting licenses get issued in october.

—the bastard


TW said...

When are you going to come get the ostrich, or whatever that is in the freezer? We could always bring upstate with us.

bastard central said...

throw it in the trash. it wasn't packed right and it's all freezer burnt.

besides, we'd have to warp it in bacon for it to have the right amount of fat for it to cook right.

mmmmmmmmmmm bacon

Rob S. said...

Congrats, man.