Thursday, August 20, 2009

...on men of letters

someone the bastard knows felt slighted recently.

and it got me to thinking about the power of these tubes we crap out information in we call the Internet.

hell, the first time the term cyberspace, it was banged out by william gibson's typewriter.

anyway, my former editor at selling bullets seven times a year had brought up a times article about the book "the dumbest generation" which was written by a university professor. a man of letters. in a nutshell, he says to not trust anyone under 30, because they're dumb ad stumps with their twittering and blogging and lolcats and such.

the bastard disagrees.

it reminds him of a story a music teacher friend of mine told me as part of the reason he left our fair shores for the western sands.

classical musicians thumb their nose at jazz musicians.

jazz musicians thumb their nose at blues musicians.

and blues musicians thumb their nose at rock musicians.

it is it's own form of elitist darwinism.

so this man of letters thumbs his nose at say, bloggers. does if make their message any less valid?

people thumbed their nose at matt drudge because he's essentially an aggregator. but does he deliver the news any less efficiently than tom brokaw?

the bastard doesn't know. all he knows is for the last four years, he's been banging out nonsense and maybe some of it sticks. maybe it helps him sleep at night.

right now I'm using my thumbs to bang this out on my iphone while waiting for the benedryl to kick in. does it make this any less, ida know...readable?

whateves, I'm gonna switch to solitaire until the pills kick in. stupid cat allergies. 9_9

—the bastard

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