Friday, December 18, 2009

...on side projects

so, there has been a bit of a dearth of content these days.

the bastard and his not so merry band of magazine peeps were engaging in the yearly awfulness of producing the gun show daily.

sent the last of those pages this evening and with that poured out some whiskey to the crew with much thanks.

but what about the nighttime bastard?

you gettin lazy on us?

well young shiteyes, lemme tell you about my reoccuring ailment


yes robots are strong.

and when they get they claws on you, there's no breaking free.

I first started putting these things pictured in junior high school when a kid named Raymond hooked me on the otaku.

and I built until I discovered girls.

then I started again to divert myself from my inability to find work after college.

and now after the the bastard told the trustie about them and he got hooked.

so he bought me one for christmas.

excuse me.

the "holidays".

and it went so well, I think I might futz with it some more.

currently, the bastard has a munny from kid robot that my dear friend heavy metal acquired for me from the designer ( thanx so much h.m.)

and now the bastard gets to play with a new medium.

looking forward to it.

I'm never gettng this time back anyway.

—the bastard

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