Friday, December 18, 2009

wither the fhills?


one of my most bittersweet decisions I made this year was to leave my beloved thorough borough for the rock.

short walk to work. but it's a short walk through jerks.

anyway, I got the call last week that the chairman has left the q borough under cover of darkness.

greener pastures.

this leaves the mofo on the metro. my family on the eastern frontier.

so I ponder,

wither the fhills?

wither the most thorough of the boroughs?

the bastard says no.

I still keep one foot in queens because like MacArthur, I will return.

every week to get the car.

and who knows, maybe my ladyfriend may get sick of the rock and want to leave.

dumber shit has happened to me this year alone.

—the bastard

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