Sunday, January 03, 2010

two eyes from the east


so, as I mentioned earlier, the bastard mentioned meeting up with the past solely for the purposes of rocking.

it went down like this.

all comers were glad to be in each other's company musically after 20 years.

and we blew through our set list for the evening.

some of it was good and some of it went south for lack of knowing. I can safely say that it wasn't the bastard's best rendition of "over the mountain".

buy it was when we ran out of set list for the night.

and when we ran out of songs that we did together on a stage once upon a time on a spring night in 1987.

and we just

did shit

off of the top of our heads,

this was where the magic lies.

someone played a riff or a fill from our collective pasts and everyone else picked it up.

and we ran with it.

we fucking ran.

at some point in time we improvised our way through dio's "the last in line" and the bastard leaned his head against the microphone,

and held it back,

because I realized whose company I was in all those years ago and tonight and I was just so happy to be doing this again.

see how we shine.

—the bastard

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