Monday, April 05, 2010

...on digging

now the bastard has had a talk with you about his robot problem before.

but I decided to spend this weekend playing archaeologist.

or in this case otakuologist.

dinner was at my parents om Saturday and like any good son, the bastard has left the vast multitude of his worldy possessions scattered across queens for the CIA to find them.


we had discussed the robot problem over appetizers of cured meats and cans of bitburget courtesy of the mofo.

and my mother had told me that she knows they are in the garage but she knew not where.

so I went out there with a frosty can in hand.

QUICK SIDEBAR: now the mofo came over with an 8 pack in his arm of this fine fine brew on Saturday and while the bastard had drank it recently in the esteemed company of the chairman along with free brats, I was quite pleased that you can buy one pint cans. in 8 packs.

anyway, I went up into the rafters of my garage to investigate, and in a box that was conveniently marked "models", were my models.

well preserved

in bubblewrap

I never remembered ever being so diligent about anything.

the box reeked of gasoline

and the paint jobs were the paint jobs of a 12 year old.

so, I made a decision. I was going to restore them all.

it must be 30 of them.

and I may document them for lack of better material.

so there.

—the bastard

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